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PantheonThe GoodTrips Travel web site has been established to provide a health and wellbeing service to travellers, not available elsewhere.  Set in Victoria, GoodTrips Travel has been created and is managed by doctors and nurses with training and extensive experience in travel health.

GoodTrips Travel delivers top quality products carefully selected from many sources.

We aim to provide advice, recommendations and products, which will ensure a safe and happy trip to your country of choice – be it Europe (eg Rome) or Asia (eg Vietnam) or anywhere else.

GoodTrips Travel is not a travel agency, nor is it a travel organiser. We have no ties to any travel agent, travel company, insurer or trip planner.

GoodTrips Travel is a health advisor available to assist the traveller on any holiday or tour. We are affiliated with Travel Clinics Australia, which in turn, has agreements with several organisations.

GoodTrips Travel Online store

On-line store provides equipment for clean water, personal hygiene, insect protection, security, etc, most are available from this web site or in person at either practice. At present our payment system is not functioning and on-line payments cannot be accepted.

We cater especially for school groups, providing various kits (e.g. to manage sickness), to organise group vaccination clinics (eg for rabies where appropriate) and to provide information nights at schools with teachers, students and parents.

GoodTrips Travel Medical services

Medical services, such as the provision of information, health kits and vaccines are available through established general practices in Mooroopna and in Kialla. Please ring to make appointments and kindly indicate to our receptionist that you need a travel consultation.
Travel consultations usually take 30 minutes – for a single patient or several in the same family (or companion travellers). If you have more than 4 travellers, two appointments must be made.

Travellers attending our rabies clinics, must indicate their needs to the receptionist and book in at the appropriate times. Please note a rabies clinic appointment is for 5 minutes only and does not constitute a travel consultation.


Many photographs on this site have been provided by travellers attending either Mooroopna Medical Centre or Kialla Medical Clinic. Others from friends abroad. We are happy for you to copy and reuse these photographs as desired, but would appreciate recognition of source.

Contributors include: Rhonda Doyle, Lisa Nardella, Hamish Mackellar and Randall McFarlane.
Videos by Gimbal 4K.

Any contribution is welcome.