The Growing Importance of Student Travel

Although we hear daily reports of violence, disease and deprivation from certain parts, Australians still enjoy the human pleasure of travelling to new countries and to meet new people. We enjoy the spectacular scenery, the exotic wildlife and the gaudy nightlife, but most all, our face-to-face encounters with new people is the stuff of memories.scan0002

Students in particular savour, appreciate, respect and remember the new friends made on school trips to strange and exciting new cultures.

Modern Australian students often have the opportunity to travel during their latter years of school and before graduating. Far more than their parents, our secondary school students have the benefit of adding travel to their usual education syllabus and they will become better citizens as a consequence.
Students often travel in exchange to like-minded families in Western countries, or in groups to third world countries or sometimes plan a long adventure in their gap year.
Over the past decade, students from northern Victoria and from the Riverina have travelled in groups to India, Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, Fiji, southern Africa and to many other third world destinations.

Schoolgirls at Grat Buddha Hall

Japanese choolgirls at the Great Buddha Hall, Todai-ji complex

During 2015 at least one school in the Goulburn Valley visited Japan.

Our community has gained from their experience and the tradition continues into 2016.

Now is the time to prepare for tripping in the coming year.

One of the great joys of student travel is meeting students from other countries.

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