YouTube and travel

YouTube—A Great Travel Resource

Everyone knows YouTube as the place to go to see videos of dogs playing the piano or politicians voicing their latest hypocrisy. But do you know YouTube can actually help you when you travel to a foreign country?

Senso-ji Temple

At Senso-ji Temple

YouTube contains a wealth of information for both the first-time and the experienced traveler. Here are a couple of examples. When my husband and I were planning a recent trip to Tokyo, we wanted to see as much of the city as possible in the week we would be there.


Tokyo Subway

That meant using the Tokyo subway to get around. Not speaking or reading any Japanese, we were nervous about the prospect of getting on the subway. No worries! We simply consulted YouTube. We found a video explaining in detail how to purchase subway tickets. As a result, we felt very comfortable approaching the ticket machines and buying whatever ticket we needed for the day’s destination.

YouTube also gave us peace of mind on another subject—toilets. We had read that the Japanese are crazy for high-tech toilets. These super-modern toilets offer not only flushing, but washing and drying, as well. We were afraid we might push the wrong control button and end triggering with a geyser. No worries! A YouTube video showed the various control buttons and explained their function. As a result, we avoided embarrassing water stains on the bathroom ceiling and wet clothing.

Check out YouTube before your next trip and travel informed.

Carolyn McFarlane, Falls Church VA

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